Run conditions

These conditions are for runners and for cyclists, inline scaters and manual noengine scooter users too.

Don´t run if you feel unwell or if you have short or long lasting health problems that could threaten your health during the run. You run at your own risk!

Cherish your health and if you are not physically well, do not risk participation in the running. You are running at your own risk!
During the run considerate each other, the atmosphere at the track will be warmer, your experience will be more beautiful and the whole run smoother and safer.
Due to the nature and time of the run, please pay attention to the surface on which you run, especially in areas where the terrain track is not the best quality.
If during the course you will feel discomfort or feel unwell, immediately resign from the race. During the run you have to feel good and have positive experiences.
In case of any problems on the race, let the organizers know by raising hands, so you can help others as well.
We ask you to not use during the runtime anything what can distract your attention and focus on the run, or may endanger your health.
By sending of registration form you accept the run conditions.